Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Lower Back Pain

The lower back bears untold stress throughout a person’s life, and it is this stress that can cause different individuals immense pain if a disk is herniated or flattens. When you lift furniture, it is your lower back that takes up most of the burden of the pressure.

Yes, your hips and arms do much of the actual work, but it is the lower back that contains a large portion of the stress from the weight of the objects you are moving. This is why using things like back braces are useful tools for those who do much heavy and manual labor.


People like those who work for moving companies understand the value of wearing a back brace at work, and often prevent their own lower back injuries as a result. Knowing what areas you are prone to damaging in the course of your work can be a good thing, and taking the steps necessary to mitigate those results can help you live a pain free life, without needing much treatment for different problems.

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