Neuromuscular Re-education

Neuromuscular re-education is a therapeutic technique that improves movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture and proprioception (your sense of the relative position of different body parts).

Neuromuscular Re-education in South Denver

What is neuromuscular re-education?

Neuromuscular re-education may help with a variety of problems including postural, aches, pains, flexibility and joint mobility. It aims to restore natural movement patterns, joint biomechanics and reduce pain from neuromuscular deficiencies.

What is neuromuscular re-education?

What are the benefits?

Often used in combination with therapeutic exercise and activity, neuromuscular re-education can improve biomechanics and movement patterns, contraction abilities, postural control and awareness, balance, coordination and proprioception.

What is neuromuscular re-education?

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is the systematic performance of physical movements intended to remedy or prevent impairments...

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