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At Lakeside and Polson Physical Therapy we use hands on manual therapy and skillfully designed exercise programs to produce real and long-lasting results that better the lives of our patients. We provide a...

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Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common ailment that we see in people of all ages and occupation types. The neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and bears so much stress on it that is becomes extremely susceptible to pains of all sorts. What you may not realize, is that your neck bears a heavy burden from 10-30 pounds in the average person, in the form of a head pressing on it for most of a day, every day. This causes your neck to compress slightly, and with poor posture that compression becomes worse. This also increases the likelihood that you will have pain in your neck.


Neck pain is extremely common and is caused by a number of different conditions, which makes it something that can be treated after diagnosis. Usually there are common denominators in each case of neck pain, but none are exactly unique either. This is what makes treating neck pain such a specialized facet of medicine, aside from the obvious care that needs to go into treating it as one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

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Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the commonest things that people come to see a physical therapist for. People all of all ages and genders have problems with back pain, and it can be the innocuous thing ever that causes it. Sometimes moving, taking down and putting back house doors, installing light fixtures, carrying your children, or almost anything else can cause some variation of back pain in a person.


The problem that some people have with having their back pain treated is that they may not believe that certain procedures can work. A good physical therapist will use all the tools at his or her disposal to help their clients.

Modern medicine can help alleviate some of the pain temporarily, but it will not handle the cause of your pain. Massages to help loosen knots and tension in your back can help, and adjusting your spine can be major factors in your healing process. These are treatments that can actually help remove the problem at the root of your pain, and will help your back regain its natural state of being. After the basic treatment, you will need to perform gradually increasing strengthening exercises to rebuild the muscle in your back. This will help create more stability and prevent back pain in the future.

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Shoulder Pain

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Shoulder Pain

Having shoulder pain can ruin any day, and when it continues for extended periods of time it can be seriously damaging. Often, those who have shoulder pain are those who work in manual industries, or are those in athletics who stress something out of place. If you have shoulder pain then you will want to get it checked out, because it can otherwise leave you damaged irreparably.


In athletes, shoulder injuries are commonly found in baseball pitchers, at all levels. Younger baseball players need to especially careful with these injuries as they can ruin their careers for years to come.

Heavy lifting can also cause shoulder injuries among other actions, which is why we recommend that whenever you do any heavy jobs, you take care to maintain an equal balance of weight and posture. This will help you keep from straining any muscles as well mitigating the chances of you straining something in your torso and causing yourself much shoulder pain.


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Knee Pain

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There are two sets of joints that see much more mobility than others, that are not your hands and feet. Your knees and elbows see much more motion throughout most given days than other parts of your body. With every step you take, your knees go through ever continuing stress. Knee pain is common in those who do athletics, and runners especially. It is very common for those runners who have knee pain to be running with poor shoes, or on inflexible surfaces, like concrete or brick roads. These are just a couple of different causes of knee pain.


Knee pain can be difficult to treat because they are essential to a person’s mobility and restricting the motion of a person’s knee, can without cause, damage it further. Obviously, things like knee surgery, which athletes and runners often need are unavoidable. Partly this is because of the amount of work those people put through their knees causes the joints and ligaments in them to wear and even tear on occasion. Even if you are not an athlete, you should make sure to only wear shoes that are well cushioned and supportive, as well as exercising on softer, more flexible surfaces.

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